Doom Patrol Season One, Episode One

DC Universe launches its second home-produced TV series with 15 episodes of the long-standing, but a relatively unknown, group of characters known as the Doom Patrol. Started in the 60s, by writers Arnold Drake, Bob Haney, and artist Bruno Premiani, showrunner Jeremy Carver has stuck with the various comic series’ concept of having “The World’s Strangest Heroes” being a tale of trauma and alienation. Rather than the questions of moral right or wrong asked by its predecessor, Titans, the opening episode focuses on introducing each character to the audience through a series of heavy punches to the heart, face, and soul. What could have been a simple run-through of “the gathering of the forces of good” is an assortment of kicks to the groin, executed so as to leave no joy unsullied and no heart sting unrazored.
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