Trash Or Treasure: LIVE!

Birthed in the tepidity of The Covid Lockdown, and continued because we are suckers for punishment, we invite YOU to join intrepid, and often opinionated, adventurers into the psychotronic world of Trash Or Treasure with our (mostly) weekly watch parties!
Announced in The Super Fortress Hardcore Genki Hall Of Awesome and held at the Super Fortress Hardcore Genki Discord server on Thursdays, these start at 8pm UK Time and finish once everyone has had their say (usually before 10pm).

The only things you need to know are

  1. These are Bring Your Own Copy events; we don’t stream the film, only the chat. We mostly do Amazon Prime & YouTube
  2. At the end of the film you get to vote if it’s Trash Or Treasure, but Trash votes only count if you say something actually nice about the film. After all: they made a film and you haven’t.
  3. And the most sacred of rules: If You Start It, You Must Finish!*

Suggestions for movies are always happily accepted, as it saves me work. All I ask is that they are not well known, have between a 4 and a 7 rating on IMDB, and are easily available.

We hope to see you in The Super Fortress soon 🙂

The Raggedyman
*No, we haven’t found a way to enforce this. Just pretend that The Sinister Mole People will sacrifice you to their dark gods if you can’t stay the course.